Cottet Rebranding

  • Rebranding proposal for:
    Cottet Ópticas
    Cottet is a well-established optics brand from Spain. It is a family business founded more than a century ago, and since then they have expanded from their main headquarters in Barcelona to more than 40 venues around the country.
    They focus their business strategy in the tradition-innovation dualism, as well as in their care for the customers and employees.
    Their current brand identity is a cleaned digital version of a centennial signature-style logotype. However, it has and old-fashioned look to the present day standards.
  • We focused our rebranding proposal in the tradition/innovation value, and we wanted to keep the signature as the main element of the logotype, but redesigning and redrawing it to gain more legibility and stability.
    This is why we started sketching the name with different materials and configurations, to find the best solution for the brand.
  • Nicolás Andreis
    Jaime Guisasola