Paramount - Website & Brand Design

  • Client: Paramount Group
    Task: Website
    Year: 2015
    Designer: Klyavlin Iliya
  • Intro:
    Hello! We are design studio "Paramout". We live and work in Stockholm, Sweden.
    We develop corporative identity, logotypes, websites.
    We are experts of our work, there are real professionals with many year's experience in our team.
    We love colourful and bright design, we are proud of our works and always want to be better!
    Our projects is great and we constantly go ahead.
    We propose you to go ahead with us, we could see this wourld!
    Recently we decided to unite in small community, rented the office in the center of Stockholm and now we are ready for a new challenges and achievements!
    Forward! Let's extend the boundaries of design!
  • Desktop, mobile version:
  • About page
  • Portfolio page
  • Profile page
  • Jornal page
  • Grid
  • Mobile version
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