SWINGO Walking Aid

  • Leg injury can happen anytime when rushing and being less careful while doing activities. The pain can greatly disrupt individual’s working performance.

    SWINGO is an innovative walking aid which enables a leg-injured user to conveniently engage in their daily activities despite the injury. It is specially designed for those whose day-to-day tasks require speed and the use of hand. It is able to cater to various injuries, ranging from minor injuries such It is able to cater to various injuries, from minor injuries (sprain or strain) to the ones as severe as casted fracture on lower leg.
    SWINGO suits the active lifestyle of young adult.
  • The curved base of SWINGO aids the user to smoothly ‘swing’, resulting in a normal speed walking movement and straightened walking posture. It is equipped with shock absorbers which help to minimize
    any kind of pressures on the injured legs caused by walking movement, thereby accelerating the recovery process. It also helps to prevent muscle atrophy since it facilitates the user to keep utilizing the injured leg without worsening the injury. SWINGO fits everyone as it is easily adjustable in size and height.
    When not in use, SWINGO can be folded to save storing space.
  • SWINGO in The Lasalle Show 2011 Exhibition