Social Justice Poster

  • Mevhibe Ateş Graphic Design Student Prize

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences invited Sabancı University students to participate with their work in the Poster Prize themed “Social Justice: is another world possible?”

    Creative Brief: Social Justice/Utopia
    Corruption and injustice observed in relations of politics, production, and welfare distribution continue to cause profound crises, suffering, and rebellion in several countries and regions all over the world. Becoming increasingly more active with the help of technological advances, social networks have created an opportunity for larger masses to express their reaction in a faster and more decided manner in the face of accelerating political and financial crisis in 2011. Beyond the Arabic Spring and the protests and demonstrations in Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Wall Street, other questions emerge such as “is another world possible?” and “what is your utopia?”.
  • Toplumsal Adalet means Social Justice in Turkish. Every letter is written in different typeface but consist of 10,000 pixels,  the reason behind that is to give the message "A world where all different characters are equal."
    Poster entered honorable mention list in the contest.