The Pale Blue Dot - title sequence

  • Opening titles for The Pale Blue Dot

    /** This is created as part of my final year project for educational purposes. For non-commercial. **/

    Inspired from the book- The Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan.

    The idea of the film is to deliver the message of being more kindly with one another; though the entire politician, and hatred are posturizing and reflecting how the world will become in the future. Moreover, this is just a short synopsis of the book. It may not explain everything but to deliver a message from Carl Sagan, cherish the pale blue dot.
    As some of you may notice the credits in the video are referred to the video COSMO, and visually are inspired by Semi Permanent and Man In the High Castle and Wanderers, it’s my pleasure to say that I’m a huge fan of Raoul Marks and Ashthorp, just to name a few. Thank you for impressing me over and over again every time I look at your works.

    Apart from the visual, the music is a mixture of: 
    American Beauty Score – 18 Any Other Name – Thomas Newman
    Sub Pub Music - Ethereal (feat. Uyanga Bold) 2015 Emotive Orchestral)
    NASA _ Massive Black Hole Shreds Passing Star

    Also, appreciate so much for the direction from and Limkokwing University for the opportunity to produce this film as part of my final year project to conclude my degree education.
    I sincerely hope that everyone will cherish and enjoy this short film.

    Designed and Produced by: Stefan Kang 
    Written by: Carl Sagan
    Narrated by: Deep voice over (
    Art Direction: Limkokwing university of creative technology, Astatica
    Music and SFX arranged by: Stefan Kang


    This video is made to showcase how the film was made, from 3D modelling into compositing, overlapping layers and color correction, how I actually cheat from different angle and cover my mistake. 
    Hopefully you will like it. Enjoy!

    Music by: Herr-Styler-Jack-(Fare-Soldi-Jackette-rmx)
    Software: Cinema 4d, After Effect, Photoshop
    Edited and Created by: Stefan Kang
  • Solar System
    Here's a litte sips of the progress from the solar system.
    Main reference: Ashthorp- Ares Our Greaest Adventure(
    Trying to have fun, messing around with the the points to create something different and futuristic instead of showing naked solar. 
    The spacecraft who were exploring where nothing from Earth has flown before. The concept of mixing the wireframe and the model, and the warm and cold color mode has one's again bringing the voyager alive. You can say it's another fun experiment.
    Project Developement & Experiment
    A few styleframes were created to seek for idea, brandstorming the concept to present the video. Obviously, the color theme and mood was totally changed to become more desaturate as the whole progress goes along, but I still keep the concept of combining the wireframe render + model. Working on styleframe is alwa
    ys the best I can say,  giving me the opportunity to test out everything and have a clear idea and direction of what I'm targeting.
  • Contact Sheet
    Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoy it!