Glow Headphones


    Glow is the world's first smart laser headphones. Going further than simply listening to your music, it allows you to visually enjoy the sound and brilliantly express the energy of youth. With its dedicated smart remote, its intuitive features allow users to control their smartphone effortlessly. Using Glow's dedicated app, the laser light can pulsate to the beat of the music, pulsate at its own speed, or just constantly stay on or off. Not only is it great for showing off yourself at places like clubs, but it can also be used as a safe light while jogging outside at night time. The smart remote can also be used as a wireless remote for the camera. 
    The design direction was based on how to accentuate the core feature of the extremely unique and brilliant laser lights. The transparent wires allow the laser light to shine through, which makes the light incredibly clear and bright. By taking advantage of metal's natural properties of light reflectivity, the laser light is even further accentuated. The overall color scheme remains very discreet in order to let the laser light take the center stage and glow brilliantly. 
    Glow's central element is the shape of a circle. During the initial design process, we looked at the idea of laser light as a force of energy, and this translated into the shape of a perfect circle. The metaphor comes from the shape of the world's strongest light source, the sun. Even water dropping onto a lake creates naturally perfect concentric circles. We wanted to infuse this idea into the smallest details of Glow headphones. Through this thought process, we were able to create Glow's own unique yet simple design language.
    Glow's industrial design wasn't just for its outer looks. We also focused on the fundamental functionality of headphones by developing its ergonomics and acoustic structure. Its silicon wing tip comes in multiple sizes, which helps to stay on your ears even during physical activities. A better fit also translates to better sound quality. 

    The right and left symbols also have been accentuated for easier recognition. Too many of us fumble with headphones trying to tell which way is right, so it was important that we made sure it was instantly recognizable. 

    Glow's remote has an intuitive 4-way controller interface, which allows anyone to use it with zero confusion. The button symbols are raised from the surface, so that users can recognize each button without having to look at it. Also, the metal clip on the back can be used to hook onto your pockets or shirt.
    During the whole design process, there were many experimentations. Because Glow was the first product to use Corning's Fibrance laser fiber technology, many tests had to be explored in order to thoroughly study its usability. As a result, every design decision had a purpose. Because Fibrance is an optical fiber (made of glass), there is a bending tolerance. Therefore, we needed to find ways to install the fiber and safely protect it, and prevent the glass from breaking as much
    as possible.
    Because Glow uses laser, instead of LEDs, it can shine much brighter and more consistently. When emitting this strong of a light, its laser diode starts to produce heat. A solution was developed, where the metal clip on the remote can act as a heat-sink. Glow has a dedicated battery in order to prevent stealing the smartphone's battery. Also, this allows Glow to emit laser light on its own and can be fully charged through its micro-USB very quickly.
    Brighten your daily activities and express yourself with Glow. Also you can stay safe due to the laser's high visibility at night.
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