Meraki - Hennessy V.S.

  • Hennessy V.S has partnered with Pratt Institute by creating The Wild Rabbit Challenge, an annual competition between selected graduate Pratt students from different disciplines. Students are asked to create work that embodies their creative drive and spirit inspired by the mantra "Never Stop. Never Settle." and the theme of chasing one's "Wild Rabbit", as an extension of the Hennessy V.S campaign. In 2015, the work was judged by a panel of artists including Shepard FaireyRyan McGinness, Futura, and Hennessy's Wild Rabbit icon, rapper Nas.
    Meraki was the winning project for the fourth Wild Rabbit Challenge, and was displayed in OpenHouse Gallery, New York.
  • "Through research, I stumbled upon the fact that the Greek word μεράκι (=meraki) has no equivalent in any other language. Its definition in the dictionary is: the soul, creativity, and passion put into something. The word 'meraki' literally translates into little part; it suggests leaving a part of yourself in something that you are truly dedicated to. 'Meraki' parallels with the idea of meticulous crafting, impeccable quality and rigorous effort.
    My wild rabbit is the meraki I put into my work. It is the true foundation of my work ethic and what makes me push my creative limits.
    This piece is a typographic composition of this word set in Greek characters and accurately depicts the word: a beautiful composition consisting of tiny personal details that create an immersive and vibrant experience to the viewer."