• This was a 2014 school project about rebranding an existing company. The project brief is to choose an existing company/product and rebrand their logo, together with designing print collaterals. Even though the project is about rebranding, the meaning and purpose behind the company must not be changed.
    Company chosen
    D&M Coffee was established since 1991 by Donna & Mark. They receive premium raw coffee beans which they will then roast and sell/deliver on the day itself. 
    D&M opened it’s first location at the former Wippel service station. Two years later, they started roasting their own coffee and selling beans to other coffee shops and espresso bars. D&M no longer operates at the old service station, but it still pays homage to the early days. 
  • Rebranding
    The logo is redesigned to portray the freshness of the coffee. The new logo designed is similar to the old one as D&M Coffee stills pay homage to the early days since they no longer operate at the old service station. 
  • A set of icons are designed as D&M Coffee serve different kinds of coffee grind—they provide: drip, turkish, espresso, french press, whole bean. The icons are designed as part of their identity.