• Making a Wish
    The concept of the wishes being made is similar to the wishing star concept whereby people
    would not know what other people wish for as their wishes disappear magically in the water.

  • Kingdom of Singapura, Final Year Project 2015
    It is with great pleasure that I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to these
    following individuals & organizations for their generous support and help with this project.

    Utmost guidance and support in this year long project
    Supervising Prof Candice Ng
    Prof Jesvin Yeo
    Supporting and helping out in any way
    Fyp Groupmates
    ADM Class of 2015
    Neo Xian Zhen

    Professional services and assistance
    Ling Image Pte Ltd (acrylic badge printing)
    Bideas Production Pte Ltd (fabric printing)
    Botak Sign Pte Ltd (wallpaper printing)
    KHL Printing Co Pte Ltd (publication printing)
    *All bracelets & wishing tags are handcrafted and made by designer. Traditional outfit are sewn by designer.
  • Exhibitions
    ADM Grad Show 2015 - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Best of the School of Art, Design and Media 2015 - ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
    NTU Festival 2015 - Marina Bay Floating Platform, Singapore