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    Following the success of the first creative conference initiated by -ING,
    an organization based in Dubai that coordinates design events,
    we were asked to develop a series of photos that would act as
    the foundation of the 2016 conference campaign.

    We referred back to the 2015 campaign imagery which featured
    dynamic exploding colours against open natural landscapes
    true to the region’s location. These elements of bold vibrant colours,
    surreal compositions and natural backdrops were visual characteristics
    we aimed to connect through to this succeeding conference. 

    The photos were captured in settings that resonate with the region and
    local residence. We Identified authentic landscapes - avoiding typical
    touristic Dubai spots and opting for boundless sand-dunes
    and mountainous barrens. A colourful selection of sheen fabrics were
    adopted for the photos that involved hundreds of attempts in throwing
    fabrics up in the air to capture a large spectrum of dynamic shapes and forms.
    The final images are a result of multiple takes layered in surreal compositions.
    The campaign collaterals aim to maximize the impact of the photography by ensuring graphical elements are not over dominating. A systematic grid establishes a standard typographic arrangement, while leaving flexibility for certain elements to shift and change. The variation in composition and photo imagery across collaterals allows them to work together with a sense of unity, while still retaining their own unique qualities and differences.

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