• ​​​​​​​Designer : Choi seungho, Lim hyunmook, Han jiyu, Jun minchang. Yoo sungmin

    We designed the separate drain hole which will help to drain the water even with the presence of food waste.
    Also, double filter helps to keep the inner food waste separate from outer water drain which will help to keep hygienic kitchen environment by drying the food waste with its independent structure.

  • When the filter for sink is filled with food waste, water do not go down well.

    Stagnant water in the blocked sink will cause the inconvenience during dish washing and also cause the bad smell and microorganism which will make unhygienic kitchen environment.

  • Easy to separate,
    Easy to clean,
    Hygienic kitchen environment.

    When the sink is filled with food wastes, you can easily throw them away by lifting the inner filter using its handle. You can prevent the bad smell through the cover and collect the water by blocking the drain hole.​​​​​​​

  • The dry rate of food waste increases 
    because it blocks water from flowing through the waste.

    The outlet of water blocks the water from flowing into food waste filter which makes it dry and suppresses propagation of bacteria. ​​​​​​​