Rice wash cooker dispenser for share house residents.

    This is electric rice cooker dispenser for residents living in share house. Recently, the culture of share house is becoming expanded among young generations. As many young people live together they have limited experience in cooking. Also, this product prevents small troubles caused by strangers living together.
  • ‘Wash rice cooker’ is an electric dispenser based on easy cooking by solving many problems that occur during rice cooking. One can cook in specialized cooking dish for 1 person fast cooking process and maximum cooking for 3 people at the same time. If one presses start cooking button, saved water and rice come out and are evenly divided into the container. As all the process of washing rice and placing it in the bowl is done by the cooker, one can enjoy newly cooked delicious rice.
    Difficult to measure ratio of rice and water, rice thrown away when washing it.
    Most of the cases people measure ratio of water based on their sense. Because level of water varies depending on the amount of rice, it is not easy to control the proper amount, rice may be too dry or too watery. Also, there are small problems such as some rice is thrown away when washing the rice before start cooking.
  • ‘Wash rice cooker’ takes charge of washing rice, cooking, and dividing cooked rice based on accurate water level. Also, there is no inconvenience of rice thrown away while washing it.
  • Rice and water are saved for proper adjustment of ratio.
    Wash rice cooker has a container on top that can have 12kg rice. A water tank is located back side to be used as controlling rice washing and water level. For water in the tank, if a certain amount of water is used it is supplied through a hose connected to water tab or manually offered through the lid on top.
  • If press start cooking button a certain amount of rice and water are discharged through the discharge hole. 
  • The container is the rice cooker and enables fast cooking for maximum 3 people.
    Decide number of rice and press the start button. Then, the inside cooker comes down and starts cooking. Pressure is applied on the small container, allowing cooking within 3 minutes.
  • Water is released into the part in the center and beneath rice tank and it is discharged to each hole after wash.