ALL in one toiletries

    A portable toiletries bag to store different articles in one place.

    You need to carry your own toiletries for a business trip or travelling. As different toiletries are required depending on the purpose of your trip and you need to take at least 5 articles, generally, small-size toiletries are used for portability, convenience, and limited space. Also, it is common to put them in an individual bag, but there are problems caused by the diversity of the toiletries.
  • ALL IN ONE TOILETRIES combines different toiletries for portability. Also, it protects the articles from pollution in unhygienic environment.
  • So many toiletries…
    - It is inconvenient to have to open and close different toiletries.
    - Exposure to unhygienic environment.
    - Conventional toiletries do not have an additional hygiene protection and, therefore, are exposed to external environment.
  • With one product, all types of shower and washing products were put in one place. 
    Different toiletries are put in this one product, which can be easily placed in a bag. The empty space in the center can store toothbrush, razor, etc.,
    while the bottom was designed for good ventilation and the water to go out. On the top,
    you can put six different cleansing and washing liquids and skincare products according to the label.
  • Different parts have individual pumps.
    The outside of the cylinder can contain six different types of liquids, and the pump allows you to use the products without having to open and close the lid individually. The top has engraved labels of the products so that you can distinguish them.
  • To use another type of liquid, turn the top part of the body.
    Rotate the top part of the body so that the hole is placed on the liquid you want to use, and then, press the button to pump the product. This design prevents the liquid from coming out by external pressure, and, therefore, from leaking it inside the bag. 
  • Compact size to hold it in one hand.
    ALL IN ONE TOILTERIES was designed based on the ‘compact size’. It is 84mm in maximum diameter, and 138mm in height, for portability, and you can easily use it with one hand.