Invoice Tape Printer

  • Invoice Tape Printer
    Tape type invoice printer preventing personal information leakage.

    Online shopping and TV home shopping have expanded and many people are receiving their goods through delivery service. However, most people are discarding the box without removing invoice which has personal information after the receipt. This can be misused as a tool of threatening a person such as illegal use of one’s identity.

  • Invoice tape printer is a tool that prints invoice on box by the shipper which enables effective protection of personal information
    without having to remove information printed on the invoice. 
  • Previous invoice is difficult to remove.
    illegal use of one’s identity. Because it is difficult to remove invoice even if people know that they have to get rid of it,
    they throw the box with it still stuck on it.
  • Invoice printed on tape and is easy to remove.
    Invoice tape printer utilizes the act of having to remove tape when opening the box. If one removes the tape the invoice is eliminated naturally as well. Therefore, there is no need of additional action or recognition on one’s personal information.
    This can be printed without any ink because it uses ‘invoice tape’ that bases on thermal printing theory.
    Also, as there is no need to make invoice paper it is effective for saving resources. 
  • Invoice tape printer provided to home shopping operators.
    Invoice tape printer is provided to home shopping operators and the biggest advantage is that the box can be taped and
    invoice can be placed at the same time.
  • Real-time invoice printing
    There occurs many variations when dealing with a lot of product packing. It enables real-time invoice information delivery for
    work process based on interworking of Bluetooth and Wi-fi.