OBI JUAN™ - Star Wars Food Branding

    Star Wars Foodie Branding
    An enthusiastic Mexican entrepreneur had the great idea of creating a Mexican fast food joint with the theme 'a galaxy far, far away.' By combining his two passions, his unconditional love for Food and Star Wars, he created the Obi Juan™ brand.
    Inspired by this man's passion, I accepted his request to develop the image of Obi Juan™. The design work is a marriage of visual cues seen both in Mexico and the Star Wars brand; elements such as the rough paint-like texture allude both to Juan's hispanic roots, the weathered textures in planets like Tatooine, and the worn-down droid duo R2-D2 and C3PO. These textures and elements deeply enhance the Galactic/Mexican Fusion feel Juan wants to bring to the fast food industry.
    Juan also expressed his excitement about the new trilogy that is set to be released in the coming years, therefore a nod to the new characters was definitely a must! 
    The brand, depicting caricture of Juan's face, sports a Padawan Braid emerging from the left side of the iconogram, a symbol of his humility as a relative new-comer to the fast food business.
    Right from the early stages of the project I envisioned the brand identifier: depicting Juan himself in true Colonel Sanders fashion! After all, Juan is a happy, ever-smiling and enthusiastic entrepreneur. Plastering his face all over the material he produces was a conscious symbolic decision.

    The process of choosing a colour palette took place in tandem with the brand creation, where hues such as Purples, Limes, Mints and Yellows were considered and tested. In the end, the Rojo, Amarillo & Azul triad colour palette (Red, Yellow & Blue) was chosen to be the colour set to be used.

    With the mark finalised, Juan and I moved on to creating all the collateral he may need for his new business: menus, posters, business cards... the works! Each element was crafted using custom Star Wars themed illustrations and textural elements that pertain to Mexico.

    All the illustrations designed for Obi Juan™ originated from iconic Star Wars character designs, yet each one was given a hispanic twist to suit the food brand. Darth Vader sports a menacing Nacho on his mouth-piece, Boba Fett went all Luchador and C-3PO grew a mariachi moustache.
    Since Obi Juan™ is still a relatively new business, Juan wanted to ensure that all his efforts are seen
    on a global scale and are not limited to the Galactic/Mexican Fusion market of South America alone.
    During the launch of his brand, Juan plans to give out promotional material to spread the word. 

    Who doesn't love Tote Bags and T-Shirts anyway?
  • Thank you for viewing the project, and May the Fajita be with you!
    Note. Everything in this project is entirely fictional, Obi Juan is just a fragment of my imagination and no one (to my knowledge, at least) has planned to open a StarWars-themed Mexican fast food restaurant. All characters appearing in this work are consciously lifted from George Lucas's Star Wars universe, and modified for parody purposes. Any resemblance to real persons, particularly those named Obi Juan, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Mexican food is awesome!