• While watching the 2016 Democratic Debate and doodling with ideas for an illustration, I decided to explore the concept that Bert & Ernie equal BERNIE!! However, I felt that the combination of 3 characters might seem too cluttered, and not read as a hybrid. I also felt like Bert is the scrooge of the duo, and his negative attitude doesn't necessarily reflect Bernie Sanders’ ideology and campaign.   
    Using a combination of photo bashing/manipulation as well as Illustration, I created a blend of Bernie and Ernie. For the sake of Designing a layout to showcase the finished product, I also recolored the Official Bernie campaign logo, as well as added Ernie iconic rubber ducky. 
    Regardless of you Political views and candidate of choice remember to register and vote!!!  
    Don't own the rights to the Bernie Logo, tried to look for a company or artist to give credit too but couldn't find anything. Please let me know if you know, thanks!