• Human language is not only a system of communication;
    it is creative, allowing us free expression to respond to
    new experiences and situations in novel and innovative ways.(O'Grady)
    Most of what we know about our language is subconscious; there is not much that the average person can say offhand about how language works. By translating the aural to the visual through concepts of language and linguistics, my jewellery and holloware are intended to illuminate nuances of language that people don't often consider. Combining silver with the vibrant qualities of cast resin, I highlight fundamental aspects of speech and sound by visually representing language through anatomical and organic forms, alphabets, and acoustic analysis. By virtue of the familiar and universal nature of these elements, I intend to inspire the viewer to consider aspects of language they normally take for granted.

  • Metalanguage 
    Teapot  |  2012
    Silver-plated copper, wenge wood, cork
    18.5H x 21W x 7D cm
  • Acrolect
    Neckpiece  |  2012
    Gold-plated brass, dyed resin, bronze-wound steel wire, copper, magnets
    30H x 30W x 4D cm
  • Lingua
    Neckpiece  |  2012
    Organza, wool, dyed resin, thread
    67.5H x 34W x 2.5D cm
  • Windpipe
    Brooch  |  2012
    Sterling silver, dyed resin, thread, steel
    16H x 3.4W x 2.7D cm
  • Intonation
    Brooch  |  2012
    Gold-plated copper, resin, wool, steel
    7.5H x 10.5W x 3.7D cm
  • Exhale
    Brooch  |  2012
    Sterling silver, dyed resin, thread, steel
    11H x 5.7W x 2.5D cm
  • Voiceless
    Stickpin  |  2012
    Gold-plated copper, dyed resin, thread, steel
    9H x 3.5W x 2D cm
  • Breath
    Earrings  |  2012
    Sterling silver, resin, thread
    7H x 3W x 2D cm each
  • Monologue
    Ring  |  2012
    Sterling silver, dyed resin
    3.5H x 2.3W x 1.2D cm
  • Fluency
    Neckpiece  |  2012
    Gold-plated copper, dyed resin, nylon coated wire
    40.5H x 14W x 2D cm
  • Tongues
    Neckpiece  |  2011
    Sterling silver, resin
    20.3H x 16.5W x 2D cm
  • Glossolalia
    Tonguepiece  |  2011
    Sterling silver, rhodolite garnet
    14H x 3.8W x 1.3D cm
  • Toothy Sounds
    Brooch  |  2011
    Sterling silver, dyed resin, gold leaf, steel
    6.35H x 4.3W x 3.8D cm
  • AEI/O/U & Sometimes Y
    Brooch  |  2011
    Sterling silver, dyed resin, steel
    5H x 3.8W x 1.5D cm
  • AEIO/U/ & Sometimes Y
    Brooch  |  2011
    Brass, sterling silver, dyed resin, steel
    5H x 6.4W x 1.5D cm
  • AE/I/OU & Sometimes Y
    Brooch  |  2011
    Sterling silver, dyed resin, steel
    6H x 6.7W x 2.8D cm
  • Sweet Talk
    Neckpiece  |  2011
    Sterling silver, recording & pitch-altering playback device, wool, organza, synthetic ruby
    7.6H x 7.6W x 5D cm
  • Soundscape
    Salt and pepper grinders  |  2011
    Wood, sterling silver, ceramic grinding mechanisms
    12 x 11.5 cm each