Brooklyn Brewery Calendar Coasters

  • Brooklyn Brewery Coaster Calendars
    Drink a beer and know your year
  • These are double-sided, daily coasters divided into monthly sets, sent out to the members of the Brooklyn Brewery. Every month, a different beer from the brewery is featured and inspires the color palette on each set. Each coaster contains a fact about something that happened in Brooklyn that day in history. On the reverse side is a corresponding image. Around the outside of each coaster are the days of the month, the weekends highlighted in a different color.
    This project was designed as a promotional brand refreshment, not a complete rebrand and not just a promotion. The coasters were made with the identity of the Brooklyn Brewery in mind, while also adapting to the changing styles and trends of typography, as well as the consumers' aesthetic.
  • Awards 2012
    Applied Art Magazine Student competition winner
    Featured on Behance Student Show
    Adobe Design Acheivement Awards Finalist
    Finalist in SCAD Secession Awards