Calle - Street Soccer Shoe Packaging

  • Calle | Street Soccer Shoes
    Unconventional packaging for unconventional shoes
  • Calle in Spanish means "Street." This brand of slip-on street soccer shoes is the first of its kind. My goal for the redesign of this brand’s packaging was to capture its unique feel as a sleek street shoe, while still incorporating the energy and precision of soccer. The urban illustration that spans across most of the package represents any part of the city, from the feel of the busy downtown skyline to the sprawl of suburbia. 
    The package structure is simple, made of one small piece of cardboard, wrapped in a bright flag for vivid visual appeal, and strapped tight with rubber clamps. The unconventional build of the package makes the opening experience one the customer won't soon forget, especially once they feast their eyes on monstrous illustration strewn across the flag.