Half-Smile cup set

  • Half-Smile cup set
    The cup set was born to slow people down and to help concentrate on one thing at least for a short time.  Thanks to this, the ceremony of some certain activities may come to alive. 
    Multitasking is all over us, people are doing simultaneous things, while having a coffee, the morning tea or preparing the breakfast, they check social media sites, news, weather or the daily things to do all the time. We are trying to beat all the smallest time intervals where we could do nothing, or just think about. Most of the objects around us are designed to be more and more comfortable and easy to handle, even without taking care of the using method. Except this cup. Half-smile is meant to be difficult to use, and needs a maximum concentration of the user. Unless let’s say “focus maximus”, thanks to the tilted upper part, with an uncertain movement the content leaks immediately. With this uncomfortable design is the user prompt to take care and focus on the using method and not anything else. A half smile is needed if we could use it and specially, if not.

    Photography: Márton Novák
    Core material: High fired semi-porcelain, glazed 
    Size: 8 x 10 x 10 cm