The Rulers of Eldera

    A Limited-Edition Digital Illustration Series
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    Here's the story behind these unique characters: "The country of Eldera is an ancient and beautiful place. It is a forest country, meaning that the entirety of its geography is covered in thick jungle, from the heart of its capital, Grensara, to its borders, which are shared with multiple smaller nations. Eldera is filled with hundreds of species of equally intelligent and self-aware beings from all over its mysterious lands, all of whom have worked together for millennia to create one of the most fascinating cultures in the universe. 

    Although it is an ancient society rooted in tribal customs, Eldera is run by a modern, tricameral government system, which consists of a military house (The Defense Council), a government house (The High Council), and a religious house (The Arbiter Council). Each of the thirty members serving in these three houses possesses his or her own unique story, and if one yearns to truly understand Eldera, then one must begin by learning these stories."
    If the country of Eldera has prospered over the past six decades, it is only because Belfoos Grange afforded it that opportunity.  Belfoos, who at age 107 is the eldest member of the Defense Council (in contrast to the youngest, Kyeron Ore, at 24) has spent his life defending his homeland.  He first prevailed as a general in the War of the Akron, and ten years later his words spoken during the famous impromptu Defense Council meeting at Oolra inspired the Council to wage war on Nave, the tyrant of Navetha, securing Eldera's status as the most powerful country on earth.
    Unlike Krual Onaflor, the High Council member responsible for pest control throughout and around Eldera, Frendi Bestali is responsible for domesticated animal oversight.  In other words, Frendi oversees the domesticated animal industry, which includes a large aspect of the food industry (including farm animals and their respective products) along with game animals (in Eldera, hunting is more than a sport, it is a necessity).  Frendi is also responsible for running the corporations which breed, raise and train transportation animals, such as horses, mules, donkeys, and oxen, as well as pets such as dogs and house cats.
    Glimner Ora is the only foreign member of the High Council, which is appropriate, as she is responsible for foreign relations. This means that she is also the acting Elderan Ambassador, and she spends most of his time interacting with the smaller countries which border Eldera.She also spends time receiving foreign guests to the court of the High Council, and is in charge of the immigration division of the Elderan government.  An immigrant himself, Glimner is highly sympathetic to the needs and issues of fellow foreigners, and is frequently cited as the best foreign relations officer the Council has yet seen.
    Lunat Ickli is a member of the Arbiter Council of Eldera.  The Arbiter Council, which serves as the society's moral compass, is composed of some of the most mysterious and powerful beings in Eldera. Lunat was once a Tree Sprite who spent her days living in the darkest of forest places, praying to the forest god, Abreada, and worshiping the forest itself.  When Abreada's last Council representative passed on, Lunat appeared in the city to request the position. She was immediately voted in by the other members, who cited her forest appreciation and experience as perfect qualifications for the job.
  • DERR
    Derr Eveneth, along with Salo Vans, is one of the only members of the High Council who was originally part of the Defense Council.  Traditionally, the Defense Council was made up of younger military officers, many of whom were still on active duty, while the High Council membership was frequented by military veterans who had served on the Defense Council and gotten a taste of statesmanship. Today, this tradition is rarely followed, though Derr is one of the few living examples of a Defense to High Council transfer. He is responsible for Defense Council relations.
    Zookee Melfloo is a famous Elderan warrior and a high ranking member of the Defense Council. Born into slavery in the western wastes of Navetha, Zookee was an abnormally strong child.  He was smart, though, and he stayed silent among his captors, many of whom he was able to kill on private, nightly stealth missions before he escaped.  He made his way to the free city of Grensara, where he quickly rose to become an important member of the Defense Council.