sifters Emanuel & Sprinkly

  • /2015/

    Pairs In Squares is a playful exhibition that combines a typical Czech memory game called Pexeso (based on the original Japanese game Kai Awase). It was the 50th anniversary of this game in 2015, so it was a great opportunity to introduce products in this attractive way.Exposition entices participants to directly interact with the showcase. It consists of 16 squares, which should be turned into pairs.

    The exposure has introduced Czech traditions and habits through the eight pairs of products during Tokyo Design Week 2015 in Japan. The topic of that year was interactivity, which is primarily associated with electronics. We decided to make it in an alternative way by creatively introducing traditional Czech materials such as porcelain and glass in Japan. All products are associated with traditions, customs, or stereotypes in the Czech Republic.

    Sifters Emanuel & Sprinkly

    One of the products of the exhibition was a pair of sifters. Typical Czech cuisine contains a lot of sweet dishes. Set of porcelain and glass sifters inspired by poppy fields are dedicated for sugar, cinnamon, milled poppy or nuts.They are designed as pretty, pleasing and effective tableware to make dining more interesting, made from porcelain, glass, wood (beech and walnut), cork and perspex.

    Open a cork stopper and sprinkle through your meal. Just Poppy heads full of tastes to flavour traditional Czech sweet cakes, cookies or dumplings!

  • Installation of Pairs in Squares Exhibition
  • We have brought two awards from Japan. ASIA AWARDS.
    Grand Prix University Award For Overseas 
    Sekisui Corporate Award