armchair SeaFlower

  • /2014/

    An armchair SeaFlower is a result of the 3D textile application in product design in diverse context. The effort of potential material, its structure and its properties it was the main aim of utilization of creating some product. The armchair which steel construction carries some segments made of 3D textile. These small sea flowers are a part of seat area, each piece is able to move on the construction. They are very handy and comfortable for handling, you can fold them as you wish for sitting.

    The features of material are positive-permeability, breathable, antibacterial aspect, limiting the formation of mildew and UV resistance which allows to use it in interiors and exteriors, as well. 3D textile is the white colour with contrast colour pieces of soft segments on steel constructive. Seaflower armchair is cheerful, playful and fluffy.