• /2014/

    This lamp was designed as an interior object. The strongest elements of the lamp are two aluminium shades which are made from used off-set printed sheets which are as middling material. After using the print medium they throw away at salvage points. 
    I have used it as a material with "soul" where you can find some messages of printed documents and images. It makes each piece unique.

    The lamp shades are folded at certain angles to fit in an ideal shape. Each piece has been formed of variation and folding of square sheet divided into eight equal triangles. This way of folding is able to do six various shades. The shade has the perforation in the way of folding. 

    The wooden construction of lamp consists of legs and big arm which is movable. All lamp is inspired by the folk culture which the most recognizable is in the moment of lighting. The light goes through the shades and makes some pattern.
    It is a moody lighting, which is suitable for modern and minimal interiors.