• This project was only for fun and a way to spend the time with the amazing friends before they leave the country to study
    ( and work ) abroad ..
    they left now and i hope they're doing well :D

    Due to the bad situation in our country (Yemen) war and an extremely shortage of almost everything !!
    like oil , water and electricity ..
    we tried to express and show that but in a funny- simple way :D
    but at the same time using nothing but our pics clothes as stocks :D
  • Sarung man

    model  : me lol

    What is Saroon (or sarung ) ? 

    it's the traditional dress of the people of Yemen (Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Pacific islands too) .. 
    a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist to the bottom of the leg.
    ( it's the thing i wrapped around my neck as if it's superman's red cape )

    What is this about ? 

    Like every kid who dreams to be a hero .. We Yemeni ppl dream to find that hero who can change this country situation to a better one and save us all

  • helping with the cape : Mahfud  @3mad
    Camera : Ebrahim  @ebrahim_s_b
  • Gas seeker

    model  : friend ( Auad )

    What is this about ? 

    we had ( no we're still having ) this awufl situation where there's NO gas at all ( oil cans above)
    imagine u can't cook food for days only cuz there's no gas out there .. all we did and do is searching and keep searching for gas .
  • Helping : Ebrahim @ebrahim_s_b
    and Muneer 
  • Once again this project is only for fun - Not critique ! i know it's missing lots of things .. but it's only for fun and to remember 
    the good times we spent :D