tickets of the arcus temporum festival

    Arcus Temporum is an art festival, which through the genres of music, fine arts, theatre and film starts a dialogue and provides space for a linkage between past and present in the thousand years old abbey of Pannonhalma.The festival's image, which is more than 10 years old has got through a renewal, by which such a codesystem has been formed, which can be understood as the language of the festival on its own, and functions as a significant visual component.
    Hungarian Design Award 2015
    Special Prize Awarded by the State Secretariat for Culture of the Ministry of Human Capacities.
    Az Arcus Temporum Fesztivál arculata 2015-ben a Maygar Formatervezési Díj, vizuális kommunikáció kategóriában a Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma Kultúráért Felelős Államtitkárságának különdíjában részesült.
  • Photos made by Fülöp Schmal.