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    Building continuity on Adobe's CC learning center, The Royal was called to shed light and rationale inspiring users to hop on learning new features both on the web and the CC's interface. We couldn't resist such a kind request: to build culture, to play an ace card in parallel thinking while still falling deeper in love with our tools of the trade? Irresistible! There is a deep metal stage when it comes to illustration: to understand the concept and context, to have fun and allow an energy blast, and to grow bigger with each motto — it is as scientifical and as emotional as it gets. Focusing in Editing Video Effects, Working on Multiple Projects and Creating and Editing motion Titles: this series aims to be a loose trip, filled with motion and tension - neither too serious nor too experimental. 
    Apply Video Effects: 
    Video effects as the virtual machine | Software empowered emotion | Poetic approach to color usage | User based narrative | Focus on edit and workflow usage | UI elements as the tools for storytelling.
    Work across Multiple Projects: 
    Poetic approach to the workflow as a soft and expressive environment | Ping Pong as a reference to multiple projects and active relationship | 4 tables as the workflow | Library preview | Live Preview | Library | The Timeline.
    Create and Edit Titles: High dynamic composition | Display of type styles and graphic athmosphere | Showcase type as leader to the opening sequence | Focus on style display and graphic hierarchiesPoetic approach to title sequence and motion elements | Type as form and narrative
    From the web to the hello window,
    Ladies and gentleman, care for your software popups: it's showtime.
  • A toast to the great commitment and monumental spirit!
    Enjoy a wonderful time,
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    Have fun, build history,
    The Royal Studio