• Solar Powered Public Lighting System

    The lighting of public spaces in urban areas is essential during the night. Because of this the amount of electrical energy spent to light the streets of major cities is enormous. The use of renewable energy sources in this sector would significantly help to save energy. Based on the above thought my proposal concerns the design of an energy autonomous lighting system for sidewalks and walkways. 

  • The use of leafs as a conceptual and morphological basis is dominant when designing said lighting system. The above design decision is based on the belief that the observation of nature as well as its exemplification and imitation holds a primary role in terms of designing, especially in the sector of natural resources management. 
    Tree leaves, for example, collect solar energy during the daytime which is used for their maintenance and growth during the night. In the “Leaf” I tried to apply the above natural process. 
    I chose an organic form resembling a tree branch with a leaf on its edge, where the photovoltaic panels are placed. The lower side of the same part of this lighting system serves as a reflector of the light which is produced by the light source.
    Specifically the lighting system collects energy from the sunlight during the day, which is thereafter stored in the batteries placed in the ground and it is used when it gets dark, when the lighting system is activated through a sensor that detects the luminosity of the environment.