• Mini Menu Degustation Plate, 2014

    The plate is made of stoneware and it is designed in collaboration with the Chef and the Bartender of the Holy Goat Bistro. Its forms aspire to create a gastronomical ritual involving all human senses and to guide the costumer with small shots of cocktails, their garnish and tapas through an experience full of tastes, smells and colors.

    The team has worked with ingenuity on the design of a plate attempting to give the customer visual cues on how this dish should be consumed. There are specific positions for the stainless steel arcs and their garnishes that “hoover” over the cocktail shots. Εvery shot has its tapas and the back of the plate is risen to make its content accessible.

  • Credits:
    Design and production: Aristotelis Barakos
    Food Design: Markos Marmatakis
    Photos by: Alexis Josephidis