• Branding — Packaging / 2015

    ~ Alben&Delish® is a private label brand belong to Weltory® Trading group, Alben&Delish® aim to introduce new ear in wellness related food, our move has to ensure good for life.
    Wellness is most important asset in people life, wellness is a combination of actions, it is you daily nourishment, food intake, and end up with you life style practice and interactions.
    Today, the word “honey” has gone beyond its association with its benefits as a food. Honey is truly a remarkable substance,
    it is a blend of sugar, trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids is quite unlike any other sweetener on the planet. Honey is a 100% pure and natural sweetener made and stored in honeycombs by the honey bees. Nearly one million tonnes of honey is produced worldwide every year.