L33 pure concrete

  • L33 Lamp

    The base idea was to experiment with human sensation of the built environment and the modified light of it. Architecture surrounds us, and we will be only able to observe it from some given perspectives. The same as the natural or artificial light coming through the architectural brakes and structures. Thus this, understanding the structure, and the complexity of the construction is an eternal demand in many human being. 
    Experimenting with the structural elements and scales, while the form and core material was inspired by and based on Japanese architecture in the sixties, an ambient light was born. This is an ideal, functional and sctuctural object to represent the basic concept. Thanks to the function, not just the inwrought scale was turned over but the taken place of the object is also replaced from the outside natural area to an inside built one, and also from the far to the close one. 
    Both the function and the turned over scale invites us to a new type of observation. The object was designed to ensure from each side a different sctuctural view, while the exact light source can not be seen from any side. Thanks this the observation can start again and again if the lamp is moved around its axis or in the environment. 
    Photography: Márton Novák
    Light source: 12V LED Strip, warm white 
    Core material: Concrete 
    Light source: replaceable 12V LED Strip, warm white 
    Size: 32x17x32 cm

    In 2016 the L33 Lamp  won the A' Design Award & Competition in Italy in Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design.

    The project was supported by,
    Jakabfi 97 Bt
    implementation of the concrete formwork 

  • Final Project:
    BKF University of Applied Science, Budapest Faculty of Art
    Craftmaship – Ceramic Design
    Consultant: Erika Rejka DLA
    Thanks to Ligne Roset Budapest for the photographic spot.