Botanica - Desktopography 2015

  • Botanica is an image I've had in my head for years now, and just couldn't make up my mind on how to go about it. I recently gave myself 30 days to learn Zbrush, hoping to get to the point of modeling a real flower by the end of it. Making this image come to life is huge sigh of relief to my brain. I'd always wanted to see it, and now I can. Each flower was modeled, textured, and rendered individually, completely in Zbrush. Wanting total control over placement and lighting, each plant is it's own group of layers, and each was moved likely a few hundred times before I was satisfied. Overall there's about 500 layers, with so many light passes and adjustments. 60"x33".
    A part of the 2015 Desktopography exhibition, you can download Botanica as a desktop wallpaper, and hopefully soon we'll be able to release prints (ahem, Pete). See more of the process of making the image on Facebook
    See the rest of the exhibition:
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