Walking light – a lighting creature comes to life

  • Light is a childish, playful creature: airy, natural andfree. The light of stars spreads in the universe with the same ease andfreedom. It extends to infinity without any effort or obstacles. There is akind of unbelievable silence in light. One observing this unbelievable deepsilence formed by light may be struck by the same silence like the soul of achild playing and listening. This ease, this silence and this entirety that isso natural for a child, is beauty itself. Observing the silence of light onecan experience this beauty.
  • Theobject created by us is the impersonation of light. Light is materialized as iterupts from the lamp-shell and starts it journey. Toactualize this in an object a technique was developed. With this technique weare able to create forms that strain on objects like a light and slim foil, yetmaintaining a strong and self-maintaining structure. Hencean airy and insubstantial material is created being really suitable foractualizing the above philosophical object. Thedematerialized kind of the foil is the materialized visualization of light. Wedid not form the object that spreads light. We formed light.
  • However,we would not be able to achieve this purpose without the present technologicallevels of light sources. LED allows us to put the light source at a place whereit is not visible. Therefore the where about of the light is not perceivedcreating an effect as the light was materialized in itself. In addition, it issmall and light enough to hold the LED technology, moreover, it does not heatup so much to melt the foil-like material. The plasterwork is made of asystem of polymer and glue, which decomposes in nature and fits to thebiological cycle.
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