• Finalist to the Samsung Young Designer Award 2011

    Bilione is a device able to facilitate home's energy consuption, pointing out the excesses,
    and at the same time educates users to responsible use of energy, using simple
    interactions and summary interfaces.
    Comunicating with light signals and coucou sound Bilione will help the user to menage
    home's devices asking to turn off one or some of them if the energy consuption is reaching
     a preset parameter, without stopping its alarm before hte consuption is reduced.

  • The system____________________________________________________________

    Bilione assumes the installation in each SAMSUNG device of a wireless communication
    system that transmitts energy consuption informations to the central device.

    Other devices will be connected through a power plug provided with Bilione.

  • Storyboard____________________________________________________________

  • Scenario____________________________________________________________