URB - Sustainable Home Herb Garden

  • URB is a sustainable herb garden that utilities the waste produce of coffee shops. It aims to help people in urban environments reconnect with home gardening, but also provides a contemporary design that fits into any city home.
  • Urban living is becoming more and more popular and people are losing touch with their gardening roots. An urban environment can be an extremely difficult place to grow any plants, this is due to the lack of education of home plant growing and also the limited space available.
  • As you can see above; the URB process takes the coffee waste and converts it into a nutrious soil for the herbs to grow in. It also utilizes the waste of paper cups, by shredding them to create plastic pellets. These pellets are then injection moulded to form the lid and the casing.
  • A silicone peel lid has been used to keep the seeds in a controlled environment during transportation. The lid can be peeled off and also be used as a base for URB to sit on.
  • URB offers three pods, to allow three different types of herbs to grow. Each pod can be removed and replaced at anytime.