Embrace the ocean

  • 海洋油汙造成海洋很大的生態傷害,薄博的一層油汙就可以擴散的很快並且殺害上百萬的海洋生物(受害最慘重的就是海鳥與海龜)。我們需要終結這一切並且更加關心我們唯一的也是最後的資產-大海。
    Oil spill makes huge damage to the ocean ecology.The thick oil can be easily spreaded and Killed millions of sea organisms (Especially the sea birds and sea turtles ) . we need to end all of this and care much more of the ocean issues which is not only the last but also the unique property we have.
    I use the marbling pigment (an oil paint material ) to present the visual and it shows the oil subtracting the words with the homeless seabirds to present the idea of huge damage from the oil spill.
  • TEST: marble paper
    Before I began doing my poster, I had tried different kinds of material. One of the interesting visual effect is the marble paper. It combines two material : oil and water. These two components greatly match my topic which talked about the oil spill problem, it's quite clear that the effect could not only presented the idea but also focus on the issue.
    Here I tried some types with the marbling effect. I really enjoyed the pattern which created naturally by the water.