Studio Vombat style

  • When talking about such a labour-consuming process as creation of wonderful pieces of work, namely, bags, clothes and accessories, it is hard to believe that Vombat Studio’s team consists of only one person.

    The first studio products were knitted caps. A while later there appeared handmade bags. The key principle that lies at the core of Vombat Studio design is uniqueness. Each new product has nothing in common with the previous one. Following this rule, corporate identity of Vombat Studio employs the materials that look just as unique as fingerprints. For example, leather labels with a designer natural pattern. Stamps embossed on the packaging vary from item to item depending on the efforts applied. Cookies by Vombat have an individual texture: so unique, one-of-a-kind and creatively different. All of these compounds make the underlying concept of studio signature style.

    The main character is a cute Vombat. Yes, you’ve got it right, a Vombat. And there is no spelling mistake in the name of the studio. You see, “Vombat” was the first word said by the son of the founder. Without thinking twice, the mother named her studio this way, deliberately making a mistake.

    Studio Vombat was founded by Olena Vedula in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2014 and is doing well until now.