De Cecco

  • De Cecco

    "Even if you’ve never been to Italy, this concept for De Cecco pasta will transport you to a hillside restaurant in the Italian countryside. Created by Anna Ahnborg, this new look for De Cecco would be perfect in fine foods stores and more exclusive grocery stores."
    - The Dieline

    Packaging and rebranding for De Cecco pasta. I aimed to give the packaging a traditional, rustic Italian, retro look and combine this with modern cutouts that mimic the shape of the pasta, allowing the consumers to see the fresh pasta inside and also letting the pieces of pasta become part of the packaging itself. The bold typography mixed with the monotone colours and the feeling of the craft paper makes it stand out on the pasta shelf next to other brands.

    A School of Visual Arts project, issued by Louise Fili.

    SVA – School of Visual Arts / 2015