Frank Lloyd Wright Promotions

  • Frank Lloyd Wright 
    Promotions & Process
  • For this project, we were assigned to create the promotions for an event that had occurred in the past at the Indiana University Auditorium and to document the process in a book form. With Frank Lloyd Wright’s lecture, I used the modern, architectural font, Neutra, designed by architect, Richard Neutra. I divided the type to mimic Wright’s famous stained glass windows and to show the architectural line quality of the letterforms. For the banners, I wanted Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural qualities to blend in through the gray in order to take on the structure of the auditorium through line. The invitations utilize a diecut to reveal another layer, acting as a window to the invitation. Instead of a poster, I decided to design a window cling to promote the lecture since Frank Lloyd Wright had designed many innovative stained glass windows. The white line would be clear to allow light to shine through. Lastly, with the process book, I chose an architectural structural to symbolize how each spread could act like an individual room within a Frank Lloyd Wright home.