The Big Switch Off

  • The Big Switch Off
    Nottingham Trent University - Year 1
  • This project was for a campaign idea started in 2006 in Australia and has been carried on ever since.  The idea of the Big Switch Off is a "40-hour Famine style" challenge to residents to switch off the electricity and gas connections to their houses, refrain from using petrol and batteries for 24 hours.  This helps us learn what we rely on and what we really need to use or what we really don't need at all. 

    I had to provide an outcome that would help promote and advertise this campagin.  I decided that my outcome would be best shown with an info-graphics poster with a leaflet to explain the cause.  The idea of the poster is to raise awareness of what resources we use to make electricity and show that even though there are enviromentally friendly sources being used, they only make up a small amount that supply it to us. 
  • Leaflet - Front
  • Leaflet - Back
  • Info Graphic Poster