Cleaning agents and their hazards

  • Brief:
    The client wanted an illustration that could explain how cleaning agents can be a health hazard for cleaning personnel. The illustration needed to explain this preferably without the need of any words as few of them actually speak Norwegian or English as they come from several different countries.
    It had to explain that chemicals are dangerous to breathe in and that they can cause irritation and allergies on skin, as well as chronic diseases. Especially caused by aerosol-types of cleaning agents. The illustration also needed to explain that the risk is long term, meaning you can risk getting cancer many years after you're not in the cleaning business anymore. At the same time, it was not supposed to scare them and freak them out, but make them aware of the dangers.
    The result is a poster divided in two parts. The here and now, and the future. The client also wanted to use CLP pictograms, which we've integrated on the chemicals. The heading doesn't have to be understood to understand the illustrations, which was the intention from the beginning.
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