• Philosophia, owned by a young Indonesian-Chinese descent, bloomed from the owner's personal tensions. Inadvertently made to feel like a “constant immigrant” in her own country, she fights to present her true self as a proud Indonesian that appreciates both Chinese and Indonesian culture—both authentic patterns that should seamlessly intertwine.

    In the past years, many brands were still focused solely on Indonesian ethnicity. Philosophia was born on this horizon: a seamless existence of those similar to its founder. The fusion of Chinese and Indonesian pattern with a touch of modernity.

    We created Philosophia brand identity by combining its traits: modern, storyteller, and open-minded.

    We acculturate its visual identity by combining dots and lines. The dot represents the legacy inherited in Indonesia. The line is a symbol of its journey that moves around the dots, creating a new fun way to enjoy it. The acculturation is also represented by sleek letters which still maintain the curve of its original typography. Utilizing the ambigram, the logo can be read from upside down, symbolizing the open-mindedness ingrained within the brand.

    As a first starter of the collection, we come up with an idea to create a philosophical pattern that combines Indonesia-Chinese patterns. The overall motif mixes humanist and geometric approaches with bold colors. Specifically, several forms of flora and fauna—and on its centrepiece, two mystical beasts from Chinese culture, The Dragon “Qilin” and Hong bird “Fenghuang” beneath a Megamendung Batik backdrop.

    Qilin and Fenghuang represent the relationship between man and woman—harmonious balance of life/Yin and Yang. Megamendung conveys the philosophy that a person’s heart should remain calm and cool in any situation, like clouds overcast on a hot day to cool their surrounding atmosphere.


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