Slanchogled London

  •                  Slanchogled London          'Slanchogled' means Sunflower in Bulgarian
                                        arts&crafts shop                           and also 'The one who`s looking into the Sun'
     For the last 3 years I had the great chance to work in Slanchogled shop in Sofia.
    After 10 years of business in Bulgaria they expanded and this summer the first shop outside the country opened doors in Camden Town -  London.
    Following is the process of my intense two weeks work in the shop - calligraphy on mirror, walls, tags, labels, signs, bench and more and more.
  •                                                                   white acrylic letters on handmade wooden sign
  •                                spraypaint and markers on wood
  •                                    markers, brushes and ink on cardboard and paper 
  •                                              markers on the mirror and around
  •  Thanks for watching!
    All calligraphy works and shots © Yalokin Vortep
    Slanchogled London 2011