Epinéfricos #009 - Editing and Playing

  • Epinéfricos #009 - Editing and Playing
  • I was invited by Music Production Platform Epinefrína to show some sounds by Bula Temporária in Epinéfricos # 009 event. 

    I was delighted with the invitation, because I had never played these sounds live. After the event had the opportunity to edit the final video.
    The event also had the participation of Traste band and Audiocrew rap group.

    Bruno dos Santos
    Cris MEndez
    Thiago Bertolini
    Maquinaria Team
    Thiago Bertolini
    Davidson Lopes
    Check below how the event was:
  • Images: Thiago Bertolini
    Editor: Davidson Lopes
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  • Produced: Epinefrina
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