• Project developed in an academic context in which it was intended to create a book 
    to the photographer Renato Roque about his memories.
    In exibition at 'Encontros da Imagem 2015, Power&Illusion' International Photography Festival at Braga.
  • We have created a two sided book, allowing several ways of reading it.
    The portrayed memories cover various memories of his childhood like spaces, landscapes and objects.
    These memories are seen as something fragile that deforms fades and disappears over time.
    Therefore, this book aims to immortalize his memories.

  • "Arca de Noé comes from the pain caused by the evidence that the memories of my grandparents
    and their homes, where I lived part of my childhood , I die a little every day. These memories suffer
    transformations, they deform, they fade and then they will be extinguished gradually until one day they
    will disappear with me as loyal animals that do not support the absence of the owner. "

    Renato Roque

  • Ficha Técnica
    Arca de Noé
    Fotography and text: Renato Roque
    Design: Ana Sofia Silva, Joana Luís Bento, Ricardo Ribeiro
    Professor: Rui C. Costa
    Date: Maio, 2015