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  • Above you can find the full version, a 1 minute version is available below. HD quality is available on Vimeo!
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    A paper crafted stop motion video

    Background: During my (awesome) three months internship at Snask, a great branding, design & film studio, I got the chance to experiment with different techniques and styles. I ended up making a personal stop motion film based on a design I made for the Snask column in Computer Art magazine (my inspiration). Besides this being my first stop motion project it's also my first time making papercraft objects. It sure was a fun and interesting project to work on!

    Execution and result:

    Software and workflow: All paper objects were designed by myself, using Adobe Illustrator. After shooting all the necessary photos I used Adobe Photoshop for retouching and Adobe After Effects for putting everything together, masking, editing and color adjustments. It took about 2 weeks to get the all the photos retouched in Photoshop and a couple of days to edit some details in After Effects. It was hell, but totally worth it! :)

    Concept, ideas, storyboard, design, papercraft, animation, post production, sound effects: Annelies Clauwaert
    Ideas, animation, sound effects: Neil Verhavert
    Sound effects (short version): Red Pipe Studio

  • This is the header for the Snaskified column in Computer Arts. Snask asked me to make a stop motion about this.
    Making of: Below are some making of photos. The whole stop motion was shot in three days (and one long night) and consists of about 2000 pictures. To photograph everything we used a camera mount, two lights and Dragonframe software.
    The project also got featured on Howww as Case Study of the Week, see it here
  • Preparations: Here are some (sorry, bad quality) pictures from my papercraft preparations.