G Smart Bottle

  • With the help of G, your daily hydration needs will become
    easy to monitor and manage. G App knows your body and tracks
    your performance in accordance to your physical environment.
    When connected with G App, G Bottle calculates your optimal liquid
    requirements. It helps you maintain balance in your body, enabling
    you to better follow the path of your own life mission.
    Water creates life.
    Create yours with G.
  • G App calculates your optimal liquid requirements,
    considering the following factors.

    G Display
    It lets you compare your actual hydration
    with your perfect individual liquid needs.

    Start Screen
    Log in, Enter your body properties
    and enable location tracking.
    Add your liquid intake
    Just touch the plus-button and
    enter your liquid consumption.

  • Analyze your data
    G App gives you great insight in
    your hydration habits.

  • Apple Watch support

    This gives you more
    mobility and flexibility.


  • Notifications
    Individually adjustable notifications
    right on your wrist.

  • G Bottle

    G Bottle unites functionality and design,
    for keeping you perfectly hydrated.
    It knows exactly how much you are drinking and
    sends this information instantly to your smartphone.
    The product design is as simple as possible, to create both:
    A timeless and innovative object. It conveys a medical nature
    to win trust in the functionality.
    Form study

    The evolution of form comes from
    the perfection of a circle.


  • Lid study
    The lid allows you to drink with the ergonomics of a
    normal glass. You don't need to lay your head back to
    drink, because your nose extends in the concave.

  • Attachment study
    The multifunctional stretchband allows you to fasten your bottle on
    your pack. If it's not needed, it's embedded in the bottle cylinder.