• This is a part of my application for the Berghs Bachelor program in Sydney for 3,5 years which I got accepted for. I decided to make it public now for everyone to see. For those who don't know - Berghs recently won the Future Lion - School of the Year 2015 award in Cannes Lions in the category of best communication school in the world, for the second consecutive year and fourth year in total. This makes Berghs School of Communication the most awarded school in the world in that category!
    The task was to give life to an old/forgotten brand or trademark, give it a new graphic profile/identity and showing the design pocess in steps, using moodboards as arguments for your solution and finally present it in different ways! Don't forget to give the project an "Appreciation" at the bottom. Thanks!  
    DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional concept. Battery has nothing to do with the idea.