—"Le travail, c'est la vie"

  • What is work? Why do we work? Being almost graduated, we wanted to think about the theme of work, and the personal relationship everyone has with it. So we went on the street and talked to strangers about it. Some of them were working, others weren't and were looking at the "workplace" from the outside, but everyone had something to say. We recorded the stories they shared with us, and decided to make posters and illustrations out of it. Every sentence comes from a personal feeling and experience. All together, they create a conversation, one poster is talking with another, like strangers expressing different points of view. The final goal was to bring the posters back on the street and create a second dialogue with people, based on the first one. A lot of people wanted to react, they wrote comments and thoughts, that we added in a book with the posters and the initial interviews. There is no right or wrong, it is about sharing a variety of opinions and thoughts about work, hoping to make you stop for a minute, and think about yours. 
    Work in collaboration with Agathe Lepicard.

    La Cambre - June 2015