In The Blink Of An Eye

  • By using visual tension to communicate my message to the viewer, my intent is that the subject matter will evoke a feeling of dread and helplessness, not solely for the sake of creating uneasiness, but to help the viewer to appreciate their blessings and give thanks for life as it actually is and not what they idealize it to be. So many of us spend our days wishing we had more: excess money, better looks, a nicer house...the list goes on and on. We so rarely look into the mirror and just say, “Thank you” for what we already have: health, loved ones, a place to call home. These are the things we take for granted, yet when it comes down to it, these are also the things that would have the most negative affect on our lives should we lose them.

    These photographs were created to communicate how in just the blink of an eye, all that you know and love can be taken from you. My hope is that these images will make the viewer stop and say, “Wow, I am truly thankful this has never happened to my child.” Because in that one instant, they will be thankful for what really matters most in this world.

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.